- Multi-Slide machines - BIHLER.
- Transferred presses, up to 450 tn.
- Double mounted presses, up to 250 tn. - ARISA.
- Second operations presses, up to 125 tn.
- Assembly.
- Welding.



- Coiled motor housings.
- Coiled parts with welding..
- Assembly.
- Welding.
- Technical parts.
- Galvanized, aluminium, stainless steel, copper and brass.
- Electrical contact plates.

Coiled motor housings

Technical parts

- Computerized system of quality control.
- 3-coordinate machines.
- 3D CNC Vision measuring machine.

Manufactured products of stamping, completed with the following finishings:
- Ecological Cleaning REK.
- Thermic treatment.
- Galvanic treatment.
- Paint: epoxi and KLT.
- Assembly.
- Plastic overcasting, etc...

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